Sbooster high-performance audiophile power supplies are manufactured to exacting standards in Europe.

The quality and design of a power supply has a great influence on the sound of any component in an audio system. Unfortunately, many manufactures use lower quality power supplies to save money. Upgrading to Sbooster on any compatible audio component will yield sonic benefits that reach far beyond the cost.

Utilizing custom toroidal power transformers for low noise in conjunction with active noise filters and ample capacitive power reserves, Sbooster gives your vital components the quality power they deserve.


Sbooster products are sold online in North America exclusively at Please check back here soon for a list of brick & mortar hi-fi dealers carrying Sbooster.


If you are interested in adding Sbooster to your product line, please contact us for a price list. Sbooster power supplies will improve the sonic performance of many components you already carry.