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Feliks Audio is a family owned and operated company crafting tube amplifiers for over a decade. All the amps are designed, tuned and assembled in Lubliniec, Poland (EU). The Feliks team takes great pride in their work, ensuring each unit is made with attention to detail both in regards to the sound quality and the looks.

If you are 'down the rabbit hole' in the headphone space you are most likely familiar with the Cult of Feliks. The performance of these amps is legendary. Focal even uses the Feliks Audio Euforia to demonstrate their Utopia Headphone; a testament to Feliks performance.


Feliks Audio products are sold online in North America exclusively at upscaleaudio.com. Please check back here soon for a list of brick & mortar hi-fi dealers carrying Feliks.


If you are interested in adding Feliks Audio tube headphone amps to your product line, please contact us for a price list. With retail prices ranging from just $679 to $2599, premium tube amplification is available to your customers at a variety of budgets.